Jini Reddy

Jini Reddy was born in the UK to parents of Indian descent from South Africa and raised in Canada. She is the author of Wanderland, shortlisted for the Stanford Dolman Award and for the Wainwright Prize (for UK nature writing.) Her words will appear in the forthcoming Women on Nature and she is a contributor to the best-selling Winter: An Anthology for the Changing Seasons. Her award-winning book, Wild Times was published in 2016 and her poems and texts have been displayed in exhibitions at London’s Southbank Centre and at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. As a journalist, she has traveled extensively and in 2019 she was named a National Geographic Woman of Impact. Jini holds an M.A in English Literature from Avignon University, France, and a B.A. in Geography from Mcgill University, Montreal. In her work, she increasingly occupies a fertile cross-cultural, cross-genre space where place, spirituality, and culture meet.

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