SESSION: Some of My Souls

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As part of Iris Kensmil’s new exhibition, Some of My Souls, Kunstinstituut Melly hosts its first SESSION this year. You are invited to engage with her work through this performative program positioning the experience, activism, and intellectual work of Black people in the Western World as a central pivot to modernity’s emancipatory aims. Together we hold space for a young generation of feminists by inviting some of the people portrayed in Kensmil's work. Jessica de Abreu, Mitchell Esajas, Munganyende Hélène Christelle, Djuwa Mroivili, and Grâce Ndjako will share personal stories and reflect upon female emancipation and today’s activism. This SESSION focuses on sharing as an important way to connect and can be seen as an active extension of Iris Kensmil’s paintings. We will end this program with a music performance by Lady Shaynah which will also be in line with other works of Iris.

SESSIONS are monthly events where ‘expertise’ is opened up through conversation, performance, music, art, books, and neighborhood connections. Anyone who is interested in sharing and who has a joy for learning from different perspectives is welcome. This time, our program takes place in our exhibition space upstairs in order to activate and embody the works of Iris Kensmil.



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Iris Kensmil: Some of My Souls
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