FORUM: 35th Bienal de São Paulo | with Manuel Borja-Villel

Live Free Entrance

Kunstinstituut Melly is delighted to host a FORUM that opens conversation, responses and resonances with the 35th Bienal de São Paulo. This program is co-presented together with the Mondriaan Fund.

For its 35th edition, the Bienal de São Paulo has been appointed to a curatorial team with the title of ‘choreographies of the impossible'. The FORUM program will host curatorial team member and former Director of the Museo Reina Sofia Manuel Borja-Villel for a presentation and Q&A introducing Bienal's proposed methodology. The discussion with the public will be moderated by artist and poet Ada M. Patterson and followed by light refreshments.

The team write; “As a curatorial proposal, choreographies of the impossible enunciate a space of experimentation – open to the dances of the unimaginable – that embodies movements capable of transforming what is apparently non-existent into existence. This idea of a choreography is based on the enigmatic nature of the artistic fact and, thus, on everything that is neither worn out nor evident, but rather on what can be named as secret, mystery or as the infinite itself.”





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