SESSION: Frontaal x Spraakuhloos


The details of this event are in planning now, but in the meantime please save the date and visit this page for more details and follow us on Instagram to be notified of updates!

We are delighted to invite you for this upcoming event in collaboration with Stichting Frontaal and Spraakuhloos as part of Art Central Rotterdam.

During this event we will receive a workshop and see performances of later to decide spoken word artists. More info soon!

Keep an eye on our and Stichting Frontaal and Spraakuhloos’ website!


2 pm: Workshop
3 pm: Break
3:15 pm: Performances
4:45 pm: Open mic
5 pm: End


As part of the collaborative nature of Jessy Koeiman's work in collective learning, she brings Spraakuhloos and Frontaal to our multi functional space on the ground floor, simply called MELLY. This bookshop, café, and event space is developed with our collective learning spirit in mind.





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