Mohammed Soueid (2)

Films included are Absence, 1990 (45′), Cinéma Fouad, 1993 (40′), and Destinée, 1996 (12′)

Absence, 1990 (45′)
Is it possible to talk about death in war time? This question is exposed through four people who lost friends and relatives in four different Lebanese regions.

Cinéma Fouad, 1993 (40′)
Khaled El Kurdi, a Syrian transvestite, lives in Beirut where he works as a servant, spending his time at home as a woman and his street life as a man.

Destinée, 1996 (12′)
In the early 1920s, Nicola Haress, emigrated from Syria to eastern Lebanon, where he established a new life and family, working as a manufacturer of the ‘oud’. The film spins around Nicola’s recollections and his love for the oud, a lute-like oriental musical instrument.



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