F for Finissage

7pm – Welcome by Defne Ayas

7.05-7.25pm – How to look at a fake? Vermeer, Van Meegeren and the Dutch art world
Presentation by Friso Lammertse

Does one look at a painting differently if it is fake? Can the history of forgeries teach us another way to look at art history, its actors and its system of values? Between 1937 and 1943, no less than six previously unknown paintings by Johannes Vermeer appeared on the market. In 1945, Dutch painter Han van Meegeren confessed that he was the author. How could museum directors and connoisseurs fall into the trap and mistake his forgeries for the absolute masterworks of the Delft master ? Boijmans van Beuningen museum curator and Van Meegeren expert Friso Lammertse explains how, before being a technically brilliant forgerer, Van Meegeren anticipated on the ideas art historians had on the art of Vermeer, and how his success is tied to the way the Dutch art world functions

7.25-7.40pm – Response by Alexandra Midal

7.40-8pm – Discussion and Q&A with the audience (moderated by Cristina Ricupero)

The evening will follow a Master Class by Alexandra Midal, Design for Crime: The Dark Side of Design from 11am to 5pm.


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