Decorations: Kasper Bosmans

For one night only, the legend paintings Kasper Bosmans inserted into select archival boxes, are made visible to the public. Together with curator Samuel Saelemakers, the artist talks about his process and research leading up to these and other new works in view. As Witte de With is organizing its archive, Kasper Bosmans will continuously add new legend paintings to archival boxes containing the documentation of those past projects he relates to, creating an ongoing collection of visual syntheses appearing throughout the material remnants of exhibitions from 1990 onwards. Bosmans offers this series of paintings as a longterm loan to the institution.

Bosmans also discusses his artist publication Decorations, an annotated and re-illustrated version of the 20+ Years Witte de With book, originally published in 2011. For this Zoë Gray (Senior Curator WIELS, Brussels), former Witte de With curator and one of the original editors of the 20+ book, joins the conversation. Listen to the recording of the conversation here.

[figure Decorations Zoe Gray]



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