WORKSHOP: Clothed bodies

We as people are extremely good at confirming ourselves to, what is expected of us by imposed systems and thoughts. We reconstruct our personal life narratives in a way, that our stories resembles with these systems. But when and where can we be truly ourselves? To what extend is free expression accepted and how does this effect our mutual relations?

Within the project, Clothed Bodies, what new story can we weave together?, we are searching for a new way of telling stories. Together we are creating a space wherein we play with the boundaries of free expression within the idea of the social fabric and by the use of personal life narratives.

The embodiment of the space and our personal life narratives are being visualised within the use of textiles. Traditionally, the use of textiles is an expression of individual and collective stories. By using textiles in combination of life stories, a new way of opening up a space for voicing and documenting experiences , gets created. During the workshops we preserve the stories that history books tend to forget, express the self and raising a voice within a certain system that relies on just one story that is being told.

Each workshop has program in itself that focuses on different approaches of storytelling.

Individual writing (Saturday 2 March 2019)

The individual writing workshop, is the first workshop of the Clothed Bodies, what new story can we weave together? project. The intimacy of podcasts becomes reality, the history of beloved garments come to life. Alone and together we are searching for the stories of your most precious garments.

Collective weaving (Saturday 9 March 2019)

During the second workshop of the Clothed bodies, what new story can we weave together? project, we create a fabric of stories together. Central to this workshop, is the relationship between the body, space and others. The joint creation of visible threads of histories also plays with the question; which parts of our life do we want to make visible and which ones not?

Collective reading (Saturday 16 March 2019)

The workshop collective reading, is the last workshop of the Clothed Bodies what new story can we weave together? project, During the workshop we ask ourselves; what does it mean to tell stories and why do we need to share them? Through the use of textiles we will create a tapestry of personal stories, wherein the stories of the participants are interwoven.