SESSION #6: The Junction of Healing

In what ways can art be used as a political tool and how can optimism and positivity inspire changes? As part of the MELLY’s series SESSIONS, a combination of learning, performance and entertainment, you are invited for an evening with singer-songwriter Kaoutar Gadir and Priscilla Motman. Through their music, they will open upto a positive regard of political and cultural topics from history, which still weigh heavily within society today. Sessions are programs for a young audience who would like to learn collectively, but are also relevant for anyone who would like to explore the cross-overs between the visual arts and other disciplines. This evening we listen to a performance by Gadir and we will receive a workshop from Motman on the use of herbs as part of a 'mind healing' process.

This event is organized as part of the exhibition of Firelei Baez, New Work.


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