WORKSHOP: Life drawing with Atelier Herenplaats

Come to Witte de With at May 15th and join the artists of Atelier Herenplaats in their figure drawing class.

Atelier Herenplaats is founded in 1991 as Rotterdam’s first studio for artists with a mental disorder or psychiatric background. Every day about 40 artists come to the studio at the Schietbaanstraat to work together and create art. Herenplaats helps these artists to develop their talent and makes sure their work gets seen, in their own gallery as well as in national- and international museums and private collections.

For years Atelier Herenplaats was situated at the Schiedamse Vest, within a stone’s throw of Witte de With. In 2016 they moved to their new location at the Schietbaanstraat, but the Witte de Withstraat is still being missed. On Wednesday May 15th, the artists will come back to visit their old neighbor; MELLY.

Every Wednesday Herenplaats hosts a life drawing class, normally private and only for the artists of the collective, but now open in MELLY at Witte de With for everyone who is interested.


  • Stijn Kemper


  • Atelier Herenplaats