MELLY’s Neigbors: Kunst & Koti

Who are MELLY's neighbors anyway?

This day, MELLY will meet her neighbor Barber Bob from the Boomgaardstraat, who is known as the neighborhood hairdresser in the Cool district. Kunst & Koti will relocate their entire barber shop to MELLY to serve their customers by bringing 3 barbers, 2 artsist and 1 dj. During this day we will also see the artworks of artist Daniel Grita and photographer Jamal Martis who work with Ivan, Donn en Bob to make the barber shop a dynamic and cultural meeting place in addition to just cutting hair.

Do you want to have a haircut by the Barber Bob crew this day? Then mail to jessy [​at​] subjecting, MELLY's Neighbors.

[figure after_movie_barber_bob_2]


  • Barber Bob

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