TALK with De Witte Raaf: Transparency and Opacity

De Witte Raaf presents an evening on transparency and opacity.

Noortje de Leij will speak about Benjamin Buchloh and his longing for transparency.

Job Floris (Monadnock) on Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen and other transparent architecture.

Samuel Vriezen will reflect on Elfriede Jelinek, Édouard Glissant and other themes from the double anniversary issue De Witte Raaf 199-201 on transparency and opacity.



  • De Witte Raaf

Coming up! 22 September 6-9pm, Finissage 84 STEPS and Silent Auction, and also Mama Aisa with Boris van Berkum, Alexandra van Dongen, Marian Markelo and Gloria Wekker