BOOKS with Natasha Marie Llorens

Start your weekend with a journey through the ‘desert island reading list’ of Natasha Marie Llorens.

Born in Marseille, trained in the United States and now teaching in Rotterdam, Llorens is a North African scholar with a particular focus on Algerian contemporary art and experimental film. This BOOKS event coincides with Llorens’ current publication and exhibition Waiting for Omar Gatlato, currently on show at Columbia University’s Wallach Gallery in New York. This summer, the exhibition will also tour to Marsaille as an affiliated project of MANIFESTA 2020, marking a homecoming of sorts. Featuring texts of anti-colonial philosophy, icons of North African literature, and with reflections on colonial and modernist architecture, this edition of BOOKS explores what Llorens calls states of ‘unstable belonging’.

BOOKS is a monthly events series that explores the ‘desert island reading list’ of guests to MELLY and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. The titles of each BOOKS program go on sale, and become the inventory of our MELLY bookshop.


  • Natasha Marie Llorens

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