FELLOW SESSION: Sins of a Child

For the fifth FELLOW SESSION in MELLY we invited rapper and actor Ruwhel Emers, who will present his album and theater performance Zondes van een kind. Sins of a child is a bundle of stories and moments from the life of Ruwhel that he never told, but that did shape him into who he is today.

In addition to a cafe, a bookstore and a workplace, MELLY is also a place where you should be able to express yourself. This theater performance shows that self-expression is an important part of your daily development.

During this event we will all experience the theater performance, directed by Emers and YMP, but played solo by Ruwhel Emers.

Sins of a child is made possible by FondsPodiumkunsten, HARDHEADERZ & Productiehuis FLOW and is co-produced by Wederhelft Yellow.


  • Ruwhel Emers

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The activities at MELLY are supported by the Droom en Daad Foundation.

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