BOOKS with David Maroto

Join artist, researcher and artist-books expert David Maroto for this edition of our BOOKS series, in which special guests take us for a dive into their favourite books.

This special edition of BOOKS marks the launch of Maroto’s new publication ‘The Artist’s Novel: The Novel as a Medium in the Visual Arts', recently released with Mousse Publishing. Here Maroto ventures the argument that it is possible to see the artist’s novel as a new medium in the visual arts. Maroto’s selected reading list includes references for the theory of a literary artistic practice, such as Roland Barthes, as well as a survey of recent novels by artists.

Please be sure to register attendance, as availability is limited.

BOOKS is a monthly events series hosted free of charge in MELLY. The titles introduced in each BOOKS program go on sale, and become the inventory of our MELLY bookshop.


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Due to exhibition installations our second floor and MELLY bookstore and cantina are closed until the opening on 9 June 6–8pm! Meanwhile, you can visit our 84 STEPS exhibition on the third floor for free.