BOOKS with Errant Journal

In this BOOKS program, Irene de Craen presents the recently launched periodical Errant Journal, followed by short presentations by and discussion with three contributors to the first issue, Narda Alvarado, Rajkamal Kahlon and Mark M. Smith.

This special edition of BOOKS celebrates the first issue of Errant Journal with a program that asks the question – ‘When are we?’ Throughout the session the guests will share their thoughts, references and reflections. Subtending this question, are concerns as to how different notions and values related to time work, as well as how time has been effected differently in each of their locations by the current and ongoing pandemic.

Errant Journal is an international publication for cultural theory and practice aimed at bringing together diverse local perspectives on a global scale, and questioning the politics of knowledge and representation through language, art and other disciplines. Errant is a concept by Irene de Craen, realized in collaboration with Framer Framed in Amsterdam. The first issue examines the concept of the ‘contemporary’ and questions time’s claim to universality. Titled When Are We? this issue is about the politics of time and the way in which the notion of the present, of what is modern, contemporary and now is based on mechanisms of exclusion.


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