Nokukhanya Langa: Potpourri of Madness

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Nokukhanya Langa (1991) was born in Silverspring Maryland. She grew up in the United States, South Africa and has lived in India, The Netherlands, and is currently based between Gent and The Netherlands. Langa is the winner of the C.o.C.A Award 2021. In this exhibition, curated by Ellis Kat, the artist presents a new art installation where she creates a mosh pit of different perspectives that illustrates our inner world.

Langa’s practice is defined by her distinct and subversive visual language. She is neither from a school of pure abstraction, nor are her works plainly narrative or figurative. Instead, her works exist in the same space as vernacular idioms do.

Her work has a multiplicity among them so the style is never complete and her oeuvre is never fully settled; there seems to be an air of dissimilation - things are not totally straightforward. She does this all with a wide-eyed ironic smile. There are hidden meanings and tongue-in-cheek political expressions that are proclaimed as casually and softly as everyday phrases. The overall effect is an agile use of approachable jargon and aesthetics in order to convey the much more subtle and incendiary subtext of the works - a kind of hallucinatory reality.

The exhibition is developed with C.o.C.A. Foundation (Collectors of Contemporary Art). C.o.C.A. is composed of a group of collectors whose aim is to support the work of young and promising artists in the Netherlands via working grants. In collaboration with Kunstinstituut Melly, for the second time during Art Rotterdam we present a solo exhibition for the winner of the award, during Art Rotterdam.




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Due to the lockdown in the Netherlands, our exhibitions are closed for the public until 14 January 2022.